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  0018603 2 [phplist application]
Theme - bootstrap
minorassigned27-03-17Multi-action button menu positioned off-screen on 'View Bounces' page
  00185752   [phplist application]
Theme - bootstrap
minorresolved24-03-17Login page rendering on Safari for Mac
  0018598    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew24-03-17Add link to 'Active' tab of 'View Campaigns' page from 'Process queue' page
  00185954   [phplist application]
Subscriber Import
majorassigned24-03-17Users attributes wasn't updated when importing CSV
  0018597 1 [phplist application]
Theme - bootstrap
minorassigned24-03-17Improve alignment of buttons on Manage Plugins page
  0009816155 [phplist application]
Authentication System
featurenew24-03-17LDAP Authentication Patch
  0018596    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew23-03-17Add number formatting to statistics overview page
  00185911   [phplist application]
Message Management
minornew22-03-17Need to quote user attribute name when used as a placeholder
  0018586    [phplist application]
minornew18-03-17Use anchor text for links in campaign status emails instead of literal URL
  0018584 1 [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew18-03-17Place 'Add list' button consistently in 'send campaign to another list' section of 'view campaign' page
  00185801   [phplist application]
Subscriber Export
minornew15-03-17Allow exporting subscribers by attribute (filter exported subscribers by attributes)
  0018577    [phplist application]
Subscriber Export
minornew15-03-17Redesign export subscriber page
  0018579    [phplist application]
minornew14-03-17Print the version number of the currently installed plugin on Manage Plugins page
  0018578 1 [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew14-03-17Replace list categorisation comma separated list with another input element
  0018576    [phplist application]
minornew14-03-17Provide automatic update mechanism for upgrading phpList versions
  0018574    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minorassigned14-03-17Selected theme is forgotten when using different web browsers
  0018390121 [phplist application]
Theme - bootstrap
minorresolved13-03-17Make all tabs on 'Send a campaign' page visible on wider screens
  00185691   [phplist application]
All Other
minornew10-03-17No theme selected when parse_ini_file has been disabled
  0018568    [phplist application]
Subscriber Import
minornew10-03-17Add support for subscriber email address internationalisation (special chars)
  00185663   [phplist application]
Click Tracking
minorassigned09-03-17Link clicks fail when signed with hmac
  001851075 [phplist application]
Theme - bootstrap
majorresolved09-03-17Lists not displaying when importing subscribers.
  0018565 2 [phplist application]
Theme - bootstrap
minorassigned08-03-17Settings page not repositioning correctly after confirmation
  001850921 [phplist application]
minorresolved08-03-17on Config custom root directory name unsubscribe URL still uses default /lists/
  0018564 1 [phplist application]
Theme - bootstrap
minornew08-03-17Layout problem with the Import pages
  001844851 [phplist application]
Theme - bootstrap
minorresolved05-03-17Tabs not displayed properly when editing a campaign
  00185511   [phplist application]
Message Send Process
minornew01-03-17Adding absolute resources
  00185531   [phplist application]
Message Send Process
minornew01-03-17Embedding external images does not work when run from command line
  00185361   [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minorresolved27-02-17Add number formatting to individual campaign statistics page
  00185342   [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minorresolved27-02-17Add link to campaign statistics on sent campaign page
  00185351   [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minorresolved27-02-17Add campaign alias on sent campaign page
  00185466   [phplist application]
minorassigned23-02-17phplist fails silently when there is no implementation of random_bytes()
  0018548    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew23-02-17Provide searching / filtering of lists on the Subscriber Lists page
  0018547    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew23-02-17Add 'delete list' button to Edit List page
  0018544 1 [phplist application]
Message Send Process
minornew23-02-17Process queue not terminating
  00185454   [phplist application]
minorresolved22-02-17Fatal errors on php version are issued too late
  001854312 [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew22-02-17The selected theme's directory instead of its name is displayed
  0018540    [phplist application]
Theme - bootstrap
majornew20-02-17lists tab not working while composing message with bootlist theme
  0018539    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew20-02-17Add customisable pagination to subscriber lists page
  0018538    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew20-02-17Add campaign open vs campaign click ration to statistics page
  0018537    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew20-02-17Print full sender address on campaign page including email address
  0018532 1 [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew19-02-17campaign data does not match width of campaigns 'picture frame'
  00185032   [phplist application]
minorresolved19-02-17Clearer error message on plugins page when url fopen wrappers are not enabled
  001850011 [phplist application]
Theme - bootstrap
minorresolved18-02-17Progress bar remains visible after processing the message queue has finished
  00184745   []
minorresolved17-02-17the polls are failing
  00184992   [phplist application]
All Other
featureresolved14-02-17Proposed feature, conditionally content
  00185251   [phplist application]
Plugin API
majorresolved14-02-17api calls that worked with 3.2.5 will not work with 3.3.0 & 3.3.1
  00185271   [phplist application]
Message Send Process
minorassigned14-02-17Batch size above 60 does not send messages
  00185284   [phplist application]
All Other
majorresolved14-02-17Views not being recorded by release 3.3.0/3.3.1
  001851720   [phplist application]
Message Send Process
minorresolved12-02-17in 3.3.0 when sending get software error
  001852412   [phplist application]
All Other
blockresolved12-02-17Comments on 3.3.1-RC1
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