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  001871922 [phplist application]
Interface - Backend
minorresolved27-05-17not all tabs are showing, even if there is enough space in the page
  001873611 []
minorfeedback26-05-17Update footer copyright on to 2017
  0018735    []
minorresolved26-05-17Remove additional footer links
  001842242 []
minorassigned26-05-17Change icon for phpList plugins
  00178604   [phplist application]
Bounce Management
featureassigned26-05-17bounce processed multiple times unless deleted
  0018731 1 [phplist application]
Theme - bootstrap
minornew25-05-17Radio buttons and checkboxes are not centered in tables
  001873011 [phplist application]
All Other
minornew25-05-17Remove redundant whitespace from default join/leave message content
  00187291   [phplist application]
User Management
minornew25-05-17Issues when modifying a subscriber's email address
  00185665   [phplist application]
Click Tracking
minorassigned24-05-17Link clicks fail when signed with hmac
  00179391   [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minorresolved23-05-17dashboard -> Sorry this page was not found in the plugin
  0018727    [phplist application]
Theme - bootstrap
minorassigned23-05-17apply new styles to subscribe page
  001856411 [phplist application]
Theme - bootstrap
minorassigned22-05-17Layout problem with the Import pages
  001869911 [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minorresolved22-05-17Align statistics tables side by side on List Campaigns page
  0018725    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew19-05-17Add info buttons (contextual help) to headings on stats overview page
  001843531 [phplist application]
Message Management
minornew17-05-17Sort order of list campaigns page is unclear
  0018721 1 [phplist application]
Theme - bootstrap
minornew17-05-17On Manage Plugins page the update button is inconsistent
  00182942   [phplist application]
featureresolved16-05-17Move Amazon SES processing to a plugin
  0018720 2 [phplist application]
Theme - bootstrap
minornew16-05-17Trevelin theme has an extra menu item
  00182932   [phplist application]
Message Send Process
minornew15-05-17Process queue shutdown handler exits
  0018159    [phplist application]
All Other
minornew15-05-17[PLACEHOLDER%%] should be filled or blank (stupidproofing)
  00187061   [phplist application]
Message Management
minorresolved15-05-17Repeat message processing tries to copy an index
  00180072   [phplist application]
Interface - Frontend
featurenew15-05-17Make date formatting consistent on campaign overview page
  00180116   [phplist application]
Interface - Frontend
featurenew15-05-17Change "Messages" to "Message" in user history table
  00180541   [phplist application]
minorassigned15-05-17Linktracker break long URL
  00178241   [phplist application]
All Other
minornew15-05-17Subject/titile issues since meta title introduction
  00179301   [phplist application]
All Other
minorresolved15-05-17No subject in view a campaign
  00175961   [phplist application]
Click Tracking
blockassigned15-05-17Links containig a uid are changed to something different
  0018629    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew15-05-17Relable 'Views' to 'Unique Views' on statistics overview page
  0018628    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew15-05-17Add button link to 'View Opens' page on the campagn 'Statistics overview' page
  0018627    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew15-05-17Add button link to campagn 'Statistics overview' page on 'View Opens' page
  0018626    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew15-05-17Add 'Unique Views' to 'View Opens' page
  0018705    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew15-05-17Add explanatory text and contextual help to the list categorisation page
  0018537    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
featurenew15-05-17Print full sender address on campaign page including email address
  0018328    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew15-05-17Make formatting of campaign dates consistent on Campaigns page
  0018279    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew15-05-17Format campaign response time on user history page
  0018275    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
featurenew15-05-17Add number formatting to bounced stats on listbounces page
  0018538    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew15-05-17Add campaign open vs campaign click ration to statistics page
  0018438    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew15-05-17Add number formatting and percentage signs to campaign statistics page
  0018436    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew15-05-17Add number formatting to subscriber count on 'Reconcile subscribers' page
  0018378    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
featurenew15-05-17Link to campaign page from campaign statistics page
  00181701   [phplist application]
All Other
minornew15-05-17replace entered date on active tab with started sending date
  0018451    [phplist application]
All Other
featurenew15-05-17Add an "Add list" button on category tab
  0018547    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
featurenew15-05-17Add 'delete list' button to Edit List page
  0018434    [phplist application]
Template Management
featurenew15-05-17Remove "Forward this message" from personalised system messages (e.g. confirmation)
  0018479    [phplist application]
Bounce Management
featurenew15-05-17Include campaign name in bounce processing emails
  0018598    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew15-05-17Add link to 'Active' tab of 'View Campaigns' page from 'Process queue' page
  0018596    [phplist application]
Interface - Administrator
minornew15-05-17Add number formatting to statistics overview page
  0018586    [phplist application]
minornew15-05-17Use anchor text for links in campaign status emails instead of literal URL
  00177363   [phplist application]
Authentication System
minorassigned15-05-17htaccess update for apache 2.4
  0018707 1 [phplist application]
All Other
majorassigned15-05-17The confirmation URL to a new subscriber sent when signing up via the Ajax link only has the placeholder in text.
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