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0008786phpList 3 applicationStatisticspublic21-06-18 13:00
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Product Version2.10.3 
Summary0008786: view message tracking is not accurate
DescriptionI have done 5 broadcasting and tested some locally through 5 accounts (2 corporate, Lycos, hotmail, Gmail) I personally viewed the messages through an email client (ms outlook and incredimail) for more than 10 seconds and yet the view status did not reflect the user as a viewer. Clicks are being all tracked but not all viewing... We recently sent to our employees a eid greeting, php list showed 25% view status although email is the main communication medium through out the company and all are checking their mail through outlook and outlook express on a regular bases and most reported viewing the email which was not reflected in phplist.


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related to 0007683 new suggestions for improvements of open tracking 
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related to 0015259 new Patch to customise usertrack image. 



18-12-06 20:04

manager   ~0022111

Assuming you used the [USERTRACK] feature in your template, could you take a look at the source code of the message you received in your email client and check if the tracker image (e.g. <img src="" width="1" height="1" />) is present?


19-12-06 06:54

reporter   ~0022118

I have used the [USERTRACK] , I didn't find the exact path u= value you have specified but this is what I found : <img
width="1" height="1" border="0"> I have installed phplist in the broadcast folder... my problem is that the tracking is working but not completely... that is 20% is being tracked and the rest is not ..... is there a limitation in tracking through email clients ? and is there a way to escape it? Because as I mentioned in my company some messages received through outlook express were tracked and some were not, while all machines have the same software settings.


19-12-06 07:03

reporter   ~0022119

I forgot to add that I have images already in my templates and as mentioned they also provide a mean for tracking....


19-12-06 12:55

administrator   ~0022122

It would be great to get to the bottom of this. If you sent emails to all people in the company, the only way to find out why it's not a 100% view rate, is to check every person's machine and see how it arrived.

that might be a bit awkward, but at least it's more possible than when the broadcast was to users in the entire world.

Each email should

- be in HTML
- have the "web bug" (as h2b2 describes, the http://domain/broadcast/ut.php etc
- have direct access from their machine to the webserver where the tracking takes place
- not have any "anti webbug" software running.

The open stats are done with the webbug, and that is the easiest way to do it. There is one more route I can think of to go, which is to use the "email notifications" of openening, which some systems use, where the email application will automatically return a little message notifying that the email has been opened. The only thing is that I'd imagine this has an even lower success rate.

But for starters, considering that even on your own machine it didn't track you opening the email, it would be good if you can check the source of the email and then find the

and load that URL in a webbrowser to see what happens.


19-12-06 14:51

reporter   ~0022125

I tried opening the image on the browser it loaded and this is what I got "‰PNG
IHDR.... some weird characters.
Any way, this means the code is there... as for a test all over my company.. as I mentioned all computers have similar settings... using Outlook express or Ms Outlook and supporting HTML emails along with being online , no blocking is done for any message coming from an internal account. Outlook express and Incredimail has the block images feature, same for outlook. Now, the images I have implanted with the template show without having to unblock the images. When I unblocked the images in Incredimail it showed the message as being tracked. So why isn't the tracking image showing along with the other images with the block set to on?


19-12-06 15:10

administrator   ~0022126

ah, yes, but the images in templates are sent with the email and are embedded in the email, so they will show up without being blocked. The tracking image is "remote" and therefore is blocked if the mail reader has that setting.

Try sending a webpage, which will keep all the images in the HTML remote. I bet that the images don't show up, unless you unblock the images. That's the nature of the tracking, it needs to be done via a remote image, which is by default in most systems blocked.

The only way to make sure it isn't is to put the Sender of the email in everyone's address book and tell the mail reader to trust this source and display remote images without the need to unblock them.


19-12-06 15:20

reporter   ~0022127

I can not do that.. we are using phplist for publishing events to our list of clients, and some times they only know us through their managers .. so for example if I am sending to the account manager of x company , he/she would not know as to place our email in the safe list.
This goes if any one else is using PHPlist as a commercial list...
Would it be wise to save all the images in the template as remote; to make the recipient unblock all the images to see the message in full?? Is there another solution in the new version?


19-12-06 15:43

administrator   ~0022128

well, yes that might be the best option. Have all images remote, so that they are more inclined to click "view images" which then also enables tracking.

If you can explain how you would resolve this, I'd be happy to add the functionality, but it's a bit of a catch 22:

- either your email is on the recipients safe list
- or the user has to click "view remote images"

but if any of these fail, I wouldn't see a way to get around it, apart from what I mentioned, the "return receipt" emails, which I may have a play with at some point, but I don't expect those to make it any better, as most people switch those off.


20-12-06 08:57

reporter   ~0022139

I think I know how to make the images remote ...within the template ... I would not upload the images locally so they would be read from the web site. If there is a way to do the tracking in another format please advise... I will be downloading the new 2.11 release and checking the new features....
thank you all ...


18-05-11 14:25

administrator   ~0051349

marking for documentation. The info in this thread is quite useful. More work can be done to research it.