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0008333phpList 3 applicationBounce Managementpublic06-11-12 12:30
Reportermichaelmh Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.10.3 
Target VersionFuture developments 
Summary0008333: View Bounces does not show unprocessed entries
DescriptionWhen selecting View Bounces (with or without advanced bounce processing) only sc bounce messages are listed, which have found to have a relation to a user. The total number of bounce is correct.

The only way to see unprocessed bounces is to "view" the first bounce and from there continue with "delete and show next".

It would be great to be able to see, deal with and optionally forward such unprocessed messages.
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related to 0002705 closed PHPList v2.11 release 


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