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0008245phpList 3 applicationBatch Processingpublic18-02-08 14:06
ReporterChris Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.10.3 
Target Version2.10.7Fixed in Version2.10.4 
Summary0008245: Bounce retrieval port
DescriptionWhen I retrieve bounces I get the following error - "Cannot create POP3 connection to Can't open mailbox {}INBOX: invalid remote specification"

My config files looks like this:

#$bounce_mailbox_port = "110/pop3/notls";
$bounce_mailbox_port = "110/pop3";

The current code in processbounces.php starting at line 229 is:

function processPop ($server,$user,$password) {
  $port = $GLOBALS["bounce_mailbox_port"];
# if (!$port) {
    $port = '110/pop3/notls';
# }

It appears as if this is overriding the settings in the config.php. I have no problems if I comment out the line $port = '110/pop3/notls';
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related to 0003721 closed phplist 2.10.x 



15-10-06 13:55

administrator   ~0019944

aargh, that one has slipped back in.