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0008209phpList 3 applicationCampaign Send Processpublic22-05-12 12:21
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Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.10.2 
Target VersionFuture developments 
Summary0008209: new queue processor
DescriptionThis queue processor, loosely integrated with PHPList, will send out messages faster than the default processqueue.php.
Additional InformationThis is just the initial revision - I am working to make this more complete such that it can be a replacement for the regular queue processor for a certain subset of PHPList users.
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related to 0002705 closed PHPList v2.11 release 


11-10-06 01:34


opq-0.1.tar.gz (7,837 bytes)


11-10-06 03:53

administrator   ~0019809

21-10-06 03:16


opq-0.2.tar.gz (19,345 bytes)


21-10-06 03:16

reporter   ~0020272

version 0.2

implemented fast mail sending, sacrificing any personalization

i will have a plugin system to add features (usertracking, linktracking, etc)
default to fast mail sending if personalization not required

01-11-06 03:32


opq-0.3.tar.gz (31,600 bytes)


01-11-06 03:32

reporter   ~0020594

I think that as it stands, it might be a suitable replacement for the default queue processor for people who don't need the unimplemented features, and those who only send text+html (which is a standard for newsletters, i mean, really..) pretty soon now.

I will finish a few more bits of code and then run some more time tests.


from the readme
UPDATE 10.31.2006:
right now, the plugin system works and you can send out messages as long as you don't use the following placeholders:
clicktracking and usertracking are not implemented but they are next.
angle brackets on urls in the text version are also not there.
the footer addition code is very blunt. i will fix in the next version.
templates work.
Still, only use this if you use USE_MANUAL_TEXT_PART. This will only send out text+html messages.
If you do not have any personalizable placeholders in your content, this will default (if OPQ_ALLOWFASTPROC is set) to fast mode which is ridiculously fast.

this doesn't do any error checking whatsoever with return codes from the MTA.
I also have not checked that the bounce processing system will still be able to manage messages sent by opq.


01-11-06 03:36

reporter   ~0020595

oh, and also, about the plugin system. the system is quite smart and also quite easy to understand, allowing people to modify the behavior of the system or extend the behavior of the system very easily. all the core features (footer, templates, placeholders, and eventually clicktracking and usertracking, etc) are implemented as plugins so they can be easily added/changed/removed.


11-11-06 02:58

reporter   ~0020891

version 0.4 from readme:

I just finished a sizeable redesign of the how things all worked together.

This should pretty much work now as a drop-in replacement for the regular processqueue, with the following caveats:

1. It can't be run from the web interface, only from the command line.
2. It will send text+html messages to all recipients. If you do not have USE_MANUAL_TEXT_PART set in your config, it will create a text version from the html.
3. Clicktracking is not yet implemented.

It is feature-complete for the small set of features that I currently use.

1. it sends out messages which can be handled by the bounce system when in regular mode
2. in mass mailing mode, PHPList's bounce system can handle the messages if the following patch is applied:
3. it is super-fast if you do not have any placeholders in your message, footer, or template, and you have VERP enabled.

I will be implementing click-tracking, and then cleaning up the code, refactoring, and documenting, and a 1.0 release should be relatively soon.

11-11-06 02:58


opq-0.4.tar.gz (36,834 bytes)