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0007100phpList 3 applicationAdmin Managementpublic02-11-12 14:40
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Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.10.2 
Fixed in Version2.11.8 
Summary0007100: Textarea has fixed size limit in Add User form
DescriptionWhen there is a user attribute of textarea, input into this field from the "Add a user" form is limited to a fixed text size. Additional text is truncated.

The textarea works as expected in the manage user form.

Additional InformationTo reproduce, follow these steps (assuming user attribute of text area already setup)

1. Login as admin
2. Click on "list" to show all lists
3. Select a list
4. Add new users email into the "Add a user:" textbox and click "Add" button
5. In the textarea field, enter more than 500 characters
6. Click "Add User" button.

Check the details and you will see the truncation has taken place.
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related to 0002705 closed PHPList v2.11 release 



05-09-06 19:19

reporter   ~0018036

On my installation, it gets truncated to the size of the "value" field in

mysql> describe phplist_user_user_attribute;
| Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra |
| attributeid | int(11) | | PRI | 0 | |
| userid | int(11) | | PRI | 0 | |
| value | varchar(255) | YES | | NULL | |
3 rows in set (0.00 sec)

I'm still new to phplist, but possible solutions are to change value from varchar to text for 64K characters of storage or limiting the size of the text area to the size of the system's varchar.


17-07-07 20:30


Last edited: 18-07-07 13:51

Remark added to the support FAQ*. will be looked at again in 2.11.



02-11-12 14:38

administrator   ~0051840

Seems save to change the value column to "text"

On a DB with about 2 million rows in the user_attribute table:

du -s phplist_user_user_attribute.*
12 phplist_user_user_attribute.frm
42112 phplist_user_user_attribute.MYD
130324 phplist_user_user_attribute.MYI

After changing column to text (instead of varchar(255)

du -s phplist_user_user_attribute.*
12 phplist_user_user_attribute.frm
42964 phplist_user_user_attribute.MYD
130296 phplist_user_user_attribute.MYI

After doing an "optimize table"
du -s phplist_user_user_attribute.*
12 phplist_user_user_attribute.frm
42964 phplist_user_user_attribute.MYD
130292 phplist_user_user_attribute.MYI


02-11-12 14:40

administrator   ~0051841