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0006499phplist applicationStatisticspublic20-06-13 18:15
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Target Version2.11.11Fixed in Version2.11.11 
Summary0006499: subtract bounces to calculate percentages
Descriptionhello - I notice that the Rate value within the mviews stats module uses the following equation

$perc = sprintf('%0.2f',($row['views'] / $row['total'] * 100));
    $ls->addColumn($element,$GLOBALS['I18N']->get('rate'),$perc.' %');

Wouldn't the Rate value be better if we also take into account the bounces? For example

$perc = sprintf('%0.2f',($row['views'] / ($row['total'] - bounce_count) * 100));
    $ls->addColumn($element,$GLOBALS['I18N']->get('rate'),$perc.' %');

I notice also that the "total" resultset attribute is based on the "entered" value in the user_message table. each record from my understanding represents phplist sending out an email to a subscriber. I assume that the record has no relation to the bounces. So a record within the user_message table can in fact be a bounced email.

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06-11-12 14:06

manager   ~0051860

yes, agree, that would make it more accurate.


20-06-13 18:15

manager   ~0052156

I *think* I found all the places, and updated it to subtract the bounces. That's for views/opens only. In a way the same thing should be done with clicks.