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0006461phpList 3 applicationInternationalization (l18n)public13-02-19 12:38
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Status newResolutionopen 
Target VersionFuture developments 
Summary0006461: full multilingual support
DescriptionIncluding this contribution would allow us to have practically full multilingual support in phplist! :)
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related to 0002705 closed PHPList v2.11 release 
parent of 0006406 resolveduser1822 "Display email confirmation" is not translateable 
parent of 0006405 resolvedmichiel Message users receive when they unsubscribe is not translateable 
parent of 0012214 new Always English messages on Confirmation page 
parent of 0006407 new Change of List-Membership details is not translateable 
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20-01-07 00:54

reporter   ~0022742

Yes Yes Yes !
Please add Multi Language Support for subscriber Pages to the Feature List of 2.11
Thank you.