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0005869phpList 3 applicationCampaign Send Processpublic23-05-12 20:23
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Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.10.2 
Fixed in Version2.11.7 
Summary0005869: The status data of a sent email does not appear correct
DescriptionI have noticed that looking at the stats of an email (Total, Text, HTML) are not correct. For example I have one mailing list that contains 102 subscribers. 2 are not confirmed which leaves 100 active subscribed email addresses.
When I look at the data after the email has been sent to the mailing list I get the following data - this is consistent in all of my send outs and using other mailing lists.

Total = 99
Text = 0
HTML = 0
Both = 98

All subscribers have been set to receive the email as html - there are no subscribers who will receive the email as text.

I would have assumed that based on that the following data would come back

Total = 100
Text = 0
HTML = 100
Both = 0

The incorrect data is reported in all email send outs and my other instance of PHPList (seperate install) reports the same incorrect results.
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related to 0002705 closed PHPList v2.11 release 
parent of 0015412 resolvedmichiel messages.php displays incorrect total of sent messages 



27-03-06 12:37

reporter   ~0011807

I have completed some additional research and it seems that the stats are influence by the selection you make on the Format tab "Send As:" field.

In my test I selected "HTML" instead of leaving the default which seems to be "Text and HTML". The results showed

Total = 99
Text = 0
HTML = 98
Both = 0

This seems to remove the bug issue regarding the reporting in both but I still cannot see how 100 valid subscribers listed in the mailing list is reported as 99 and 98 above.


27-03-06 12:41

reporter   ~0011808

Further if I had made a mistake and somehow one subscriber was listed as accepting text emails only wouldn't the results show below if I have left the option for "Text and HTML"

Total = 99
Text = 1
HTML = 98
Both = 99


27-03-06 13:20

administrator   ~0011810

yes, the stats are a bit all over the place, and will be sorted out at some point


27-03-06 20:24

reporter   ~0011834

(michiel said in an email:)
The counter is wrong. But it's mostly the "label" that's wrong. It counts the number of *users* processed and not the number of *emails* sent

If in run 1 a user is not sent for whatever reason, it will try again later then in run 2 the email is sent and "sent" is increased.

In this case "total" will be 2, as it's processed the user twice. So it's a bit confusing.


27-03-06 22:53

reporter   ~0011842

Okay, thanks for the replys so in the case of understanding what emails have been sent the stats for when you select HTML only in the format tab and the results below appear the correct value in regards to how many emails were sent is "HTML = 98"?

Total = 99
Text = 0
HTML = 98
Both = 0

And in the case of leaving the default which is "Text and HTML" the stat to look at in regards to how man email were sent is "Both = 98"?


27-03-06 23:05

reporter   ~0011844

I am a PHP developer and would be interested in helping to improve the stats section if required.


27-03-06 23:21

administrator   ~0011846

sure, that's great. You can read about development at