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0000565phpList 3 applicationSubscriber Exportpublic19-11-19 22:33
Reporterjdmarch Assigned To 
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Summary0000565: Allow configurable export file names
DescriptionIt would be helpful if the following strings, which affect the name of the export files, were configurable:
 "PHPList Users " (I prefer list-specific)
 "Y-M-d" (I prefer "Y-m-d-Hi")
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03-09-03 16:56

administrator   ~0000579

the export filename does mention the list in it, if you export the members of a list.


03-09-03 17:11

reporter   ~0000581

Last edited: 03-09-03 17:12

Sorry, instead of "list specific", I should have said "database-specific".

edited on: 09-03 17:12