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0005521phpList 3 applicationCampaign Send Processpublic21-06-18 13:05
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Summary0005521: check on "doneusers" needs to use "status" column
DescriptionThe check on "users who have received this message" checks for an entry in the usermessage table, but doesn't take the status into account, so it will also exclude users who haven't actually received the message.

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20-02-06 12:31

administrator   ~0010857

change query to

  $req = Sql_Query("select userid from {$tables["usermessage"]} where messageid = $messageid and status = \"sent\"");


20-02-06 12:42

administrator   ~0010858

Hmm, it may not be as simple as that. When using RSS, and there is no content for the user to send, the status becomes "not sent" and if this is the case for at least one user in the total time of "frequency" (eg a day), the message would never be marked sent. So either RSS messages need a different code to be indentified, or it needs to stay like this.


Using RSS message, user "last sent" data is after the time of sending the message. Therefore at sending a message time, there is no content for the user to send. The message will remain in the queue as being not done yet, but if the message is marked "sent" for the user instead (which is not true, but would help), the message is marked "sent" in total the next time the queue is run, as there will not be any more users, and therefore requeued for the next "frequency" time.