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0005460phpList 3 applicationCampaign Managementpublic21-06-18 13:05
Reporterchrishanvey Assigned To 
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Product Version2.10.2 
Target Versionnext major 
Summary0005460: PREPARE MESSAGE doesnt save messages
DescriptionThe Prepare Message feature has a GREAT feature which is no longer accessible - namely, being able to send messages to a list from a super admin account, but make it look like it came from another admin, who owns the list. It made use of the [LISTOWNER] placeholder.
I think this is a powerful feature, and even if the Prepare Message feature is no longer available, can the placeholder be made active again? I created an attribute Name for each admin, so that any message could appear to come from [LISTOWNER.NAME]
After turning the Prepare Message feature on in the config file, i found that when creating a prepared message, it could save the message (appears in STATIC list) but it would not appear in the 'Send a prepared message list'. A quick check in the database showed the status field was not being set to 'prepared'. Manually changing this via phpMyAdmin was a workaround, but even when sending a prepared message, i have discovered it no longer recognizes the placeholder [LISTOWNER]
Additional InformationMichiel advised me to file this in mantis, after bringing the subject up in the forums:
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related to 0002705 closed PHPList v2.11 release 



29-02-08 02:50

manager   ~0041877

schebl suggests the follwoing fix in this forum post:


I found the reason. The [LISTOWNER.ATTRIBUTE] placeholder works fine, but the function sendEmail didn't know the owner.

in admin\sendemaillib.php
insert the folowing line in the cache message block maillib.php (approx. L:81)

$cached[$messageid]["owner"] = $message["owner"];

and change L:153 from
$listowner = 0;
$listowner = $cached[$messageid]["owner"];

**** END QUOTE ****


05-08-08 15:56

reporter   ~0050156

Is there any update to this? I made the changes above with no success in using the LISTOWNER attributes. Also, IMHO this should be considered a bug, not a feature since it previously worked.

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone that's successfully fixed this.


03-05-14 06:18

reporter   ~0053651

Still Not working in 3.0.6