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0005428phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic18-02-08 14:19
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Product Version2.10.2 
Summary0005428: Improve Statistics
DescriptionDear team,

I think it would be helpfull, if you could also show the users, who have not viewed your message or not clicked the links on pages like:

Basically, then it would be really great to be able to export this information as well if you look at an by user level, ie. lists/admin/?page=userclicks&msgid=52&linkid=48

Otherwise, keep up the great work.
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related to 0002705 closed PHPList v2.11 release 
related to 0008786 acknowledged view message tracking is not accurate 



09-02-06 14:08


I'm not sure if I understand. In addition to the stats shown for click-tracking views, you'd like to be able to view the stats for a specific user?


09-02-06 14:25

reporter   ~0010484

No, I think that is possible, to look at stats of a specific user. No, it is more that if I am on this page:
Then I can click on view and it shows me all the people that viewed the msg. Now, if I want a list of people, that did not viewed the msg, then I do not get an overview. Therefore, I suggest to add a link/querry with non-views, that would be showing all the users, that did not view the message.

Or also, if you have the details for an specific Url where you can then see the msgs ( lists/admin/?page=uclicks ) and then if you click one (lists/admin/?page=uclicks&id=48) then one the "view users". There the same concept. Be able to see the onces, that did not click on that particular link.

I hope I was a little more specific this time.


09-02-06 14:31


Yes, thank you. Now I understand.

I'm not sure how useful this would be, as in reality, many users that have 'not' viewed the message, are just blocked behind an email clients security efforts, or were offline at the time of reading.

Also, where might a PL mailer apply this? What would be your use for it?


09-02-06 15:19

reporter   ~0010490

I do not know if that is true in the business world. I think, there most people would leave traces, that they viewe the page, it is more sophisticated users like us trying to avoid it.

The use would be, that you could track the people, that did not click on some link so you know which of the people to contact or not.

My use would be, that I could follow up on people, that either do not click, or do not read, if they do then, fine - I need to be in contact with my clients anyway.


09-02-06 15:32


Ah I see. You could be right about the business environment. A typical business office runs MS outlook on a network, so those clients would probably have a more accurate count. Also remember that text messages can only be counted IF the reader clicks a click-tracked link.

I assume you're not sending to 1000s of readers at once!! :)


09-02-06 15:47

reporter   ~0010495

exactly. It is only a very selected group. It is not some form of massive massmailing :-)

Have a nice day


17-12-06 11:09

reporter   ~0022101

You are saying that MS outlook recipients would give a more accurate reading... I have tested this with a mailer sent to 70 employees at my company and have personally checked two or three viewing the message without clicking the links or the images. Out of the 70, I only got 30 tracked as viewed; while some I am sure had the message opened for more than 10 seconds and did not get tracked... Is there a reason why this happened? how accurate is the tracking and what I can do to improve it?