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0005392phpList 3 applicationInternationalization (l18n)public18-02-08 14:17
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.10.2 
Target Version2.10.7Fixed in Version2.10.3 
Summary0005392: missing translation in french
Descriptionthe following strings are missing int the file

$strAllMailinglists = 'All newsletters';
$strEmailsNoMatch = 'Email Addresses you entered do not match';
$strUserExists = '
A user with that email already exists, and our records contain a different password';
$strUserExistsExplanationStart = '
In order to obtain your password, click ';
$strUserExistsExplanationLink = 'here';
$strUserExistsExplanationEnd = ' to go to the page where you can request your personal location';
$strForwardTitle = 'Forward a Message to Someone';
$strForwardSubtitle = 'Forwarding the message with subject ';
$strForwardEnterEmail = 'Please enter a valid email address to forward to';
$strForwardSuccessInfo ='The message has been forwarded';
$strForwardFailInfo = 'Forwarding the message failed';
$strForwardAlreadyDone = 'This message has already been successfully forwarded to that email address';
$strForwardFooter = 'This message has been forwarded to you by [FORWARDEDBY].
  You have not been automatically subscribed to this newsletter.
  To subscribe to this newsletter go to';
$strForward = 'Forward';
$strFwd = 'Fwd'; # short version of forward for email subject
Additional Informationthis is the french translation

$strAllMailinglists = 'Toutes les Listes';
$strEmailsNoMatch = 'les Adresse Email ne correspondent pas';

$strUserExists = '
un utilisateur cet EMail existe déja dans nos base , mais le pot de passe ne correspond pas';
$strUserExistsExplanationStart = '
Afin d'obtenir votre mot de passe cliquez ';
$strUserExistsExplanationLink = 'ici';
$strUserExistsExplanationEnd = ' pour aller à la page ou vous trouverez vos informations personelles';
$strForwardTitle = 'Faire suivre un message a quelqun';
$strForwardSubtitle = 'Faire suivre le message ayant pour sujet';
$strForwardEnterEmail = 'SVP entrez une adresse EMail valide auquel on fera suivre le courier';
$strForwardSuccessInfo ='Le méssage a été transféré';
$strForwardFailInfo = 'le Transfert du message a échoué';
$strForwardAlreadyDone = 'Ce message a déja été transféré avec succes à cette adresse EMail';
$strForwardFooter = 'Ce message vous a été transféré par [FORWARDEDBY].
  Vous n\'avez pas été incrit automatiquement sur cette liste de diffusion.
  our vous y inscrire allez à ';
$strForward = 'Faire Suivre';
$strFwd = 'Tfr'; # short version of forward for email subject

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