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0005243phpList 3 applicationInterface - Frontendpublic31-10-12 14:25
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Status closedResolutionwon't fix 
Product Version2.10.2 
Summary0005243: Unclean and unvalidated form code, bad use of css classes and html tags, div, span, font etc.
DescriptionThe HTML output of the forms is low quality, especially in regards to styling and CSS classes.

<option> tags are not closed
<font> tags are used (these have been deprecated)
<div> tags are used for text!!
<span> tags are used for <input> fields!!
only some <td> tags have classes.

tag is used on the submit button
<table> and <form> <input> tags do not have classes
<fieldset> and <legend> tags can not be used.
<label for="name"> tags aren't used

To make phplist forms 100% css editable;
º all <td> should have a class, respective of the use for the the <td>
º all <input> tags need a class, respective of the type of input it is
º the <table> and <form> tags need special classes
º <div> should only be used around the <form>, <table>, special messages/errors, submit buttons
º <span> should only be used around text NOT inside <td> tags.
º all css classes should be prefixed by a unique phplist identifier, like .plClass

Additional InformationI'm going to dig into the hard code to make these changes. Please contact me for the latest version. I'll upload it when I think it's finished. creativo at lucion dot com dot ar

Use of the <fieldset> tag requires some backend support, I've made a feature request in
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27-01-06 16:17

administrator   ~0010132

yes, there are several initiatives to improve this, and it will take some time to organise them all and sort it out. If you want to work on it, make sure to co-ordinate it with other initiatives to avoid duplicate efforts. There are quite a few issues in mantis already addressing this.