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0005184phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic15-10-09 11:14
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Product Version2.10.2 
Summary0005184: manual blacklisting
DescriptionI'm sure you are sick to death of the blacklisting question, but it seems to me that it would be nice, if like on Horde, you had a specific blacklisting feature, rather than one that blacklists all those who unsubscribe. I know that I like many other webmasters often have to blacklist AOL members just to be able to keep our webhosts, and then there are those subscribers who have abused our list.

Just a thought!
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related to 0002705 closed PHPList v2.11 release 
related to 0004041 new add disallowing of signing up with certain domains 
related to 0015261 assignedbacklog Silent blacklisting 



09-01-06 13:46

administrator   ~0009902

no, that's more a "feature request". I think there's a similar one, which says "blacklist certain domains" but haven't looked for it yet


01-10-07 18:44

reporter   ~0033682


When in "list of all users" there should be added the following action links when one does a find user search:


 download all users as a cvs file
 add a user

Should add:

 delete all users in the search results
 unconfirm all users in the search results
 blacklist all users in the search results
 unsubscribe all users in the search results from all lists

 (currently you cannot unsubscribe anyone completely if they are in more than one list)


18-01-08 14:12


Let's make this a plugin. Features to include:
* selection using wildcards
* Customizable rejection message per domain (and per language/ spage)


01-02-08 13:46

manager   ~0040306

As a temporary workaround, you could consider the solution proposed by Ollie in this forum post:

**** START QUOTE ****
Why would you want to blacklist a domain name (e.g. AOL) when you can block them off your mailing list? I had a PHP programmer create a script for me that keeps AOL subscribers from signing up to my mailing list. Before taking the following steps, I suggest making a backup copy of your original config/config.php and admin/subscribelib2.php files (just to be safe). I used this code and it works beautifully!

Step 1:

Add to the Experimental Features section of config/config.php:

# Banning Domain Names from your Mailing List - Enter on the next line
# the text of the error message that you wish your subscribers to see.
# Replace domain1, domain2, etc, with the domain names you want to block.
$strInvalidDomainInEmail = "The text of the error message";

$banned_domains = array(

Step 2:

Open admin/subscribelib2.php and add the following code for lines 122-129:

if (isset($_POST["email"])){
list($username,$domaincheck) = split('@',$_POST["email"]);
$domaincheck = strtolower($domaincheck);
if (in_array($domaincheck, $banned_domains))
$validhost2 = 0;
$validhost2 = 1;

Step 3:

Replace the following code (lines 133-134)

if (isset($_POST["subscribe"]) && is_email($_POST["email"]) && $listsok
&& $allthere && $validhost) {

with this one:

if (isset($_POST["subscribe"]) && is_email($_POST["email"]) && $listsok
&& $allthere && $validhost && $validhost2) {

Step 4:

Add the following code for lines 590-591:

} elseif ((isset($_POST["subscribe"]) || isset($_POST["update"])) &&
!$validhost2) {
$msg = '<div>'.$strInvalidDomainInEmail.'</div>

**** END QUOTE ****

The issue is related to:


04-05-08 17:29

manager   ~0046227

To get manual blacklisting working, crSteve suggests the following mod in this forum post:

====== START QUOTE ======

I just edited massunconfirm.php

Line 2 Add
//userlib for blacklist function
include_once dirname(__FILE__).'/commonlib/lib/userlib.php';

Line 20 Add, inside the foreach loop, before the closing }
//added user to the blacklist
addUserToBlackList($email, 'Admin Blacklisted');

Now I can blacklist and unconfirm a single e-mail address or a large group of e-mail address. After you make the changes just click on manage users then mass unconfirm users. Enter the e-mails and enjoy.

The users get added to the blacklist, check the database, however there is this problem: When you view the user list showing only the blacklist emails the recently added names show up. However, when you do a search for the user it shows an X under bl l instead of the check mark. I guess it has to do with the browser cache, cause eventually it sorts out and displays the appropriate check under bl l.

====== END QUOTE ======


15-10-09 11:14

reporter   ~0050756

As noted here ( would also be good to only allow subscription by people with email in certain domains. ie provide a list of domains and only users with an email in one of those domains can subscribe.