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Summary0004722: Selection criteria problem with checkbox attribute.
DescriptionSelection criteria doesn't work on imported users where the original data stream contained a zero that was assigned to a checkbox attribute. Subsequently using the checkbox attribute and testing for box "NOT CHECKED" fails.
Additional Information1) Create an attribute of type "checkbox".
2) Import users where a data value of 0 or 1 is assigned to the checkbox attribute above.
3) Values of 1 show up in the user_attribute table as "on", Values of 0 (zero) appear in the user_attribute table as "NULL".
3) Now use the checkbox attribute in the selection criteria for sending a message. Choose when attribute "is NOT checked". No users are selected for sending.

It appears that the NULL in the attribute table isn't being properly evaluated. In reviewing the message from the "View" option, the userselection shows "select table1.userid from phplist_user_user_attribute as table1 where table1.attributeid = 18 and ( table1.value = "" or table1.value = "0" or table1.value = "off")".
Apparently need to add another conditional "or tabel1.value is null"
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related to 0003721 closed phpList 3 application phplist 2.10.x 
related to 0012206 resolvedmichiel phpList 3 application incorrect import of checkboxgroup attributes 



15-11-05 03:21

reporter   ~0008651


Either change the userselection logic to include "or tabel1.value is null" OR modify the user import routines to assign "off" to the attribute value when the import data is "0" (zero).


20-05-06 18:08

administrator   ~0013843

Nick Lawson reported doing "UPDATE phplist_user_user_attribute SET value = '' WHERE value IS NULL;" which sorted it.


04-10-06 17:17

administrator   ~0019570

just tried and empty checkbox imports are now set to "off" in the DB


02-03-08 20:57

reporter   ~0041958

Possibly related to this forum post:

No phplist version or system info specified.

**** START QUOTE****

I added a checkbox option to my user attributes and the default of this field was NULL however when I set the criteria in the phplist interface while sending message it created an incorrect SQL query where

it should have been

 table1.attributeid = 6 and ( table1.value IS NULL)

it had something LIKE

table1.attributeid = 6 and ( table1.value = 0)

Point being is the "IS NULL" needs to be there.

**** END QUOTE****


16-09-11 13:50

reporter   ~0051400

Any progress on this bug?


16-09-11 13:52

reporter   ~0051401

sorry posted request for status update in error. can't figure out how to delete the note(s)


05-06-13 21:34

administrator   ~0052101

I just checked and empty checkboxes are still (in trunk) imported with a NULL value in the DB. So, this issue may still occur. However the selection criteria have now moved to a plugin, so will move this to the plugin section.

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