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0003472phpList 3 applicationphpListpublic20-11-19 19:59
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Summary0003472: Customer holiday from php list e-mails
DescriptionCustomer reason given for using unsubscribe. has unsubscribed
Reason given:
I will be away for 2 months and do not want email clogged up so am unsubscribing from every thing but want to re-subscribe on my return. Would be good if there were an option to temporarily unsubscribe and then re-activate.

Or we could offer a public list - 'no e-mails' that people can subscribe to or unsubscribe from as and when it suits them.
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has duplicate 0003239 resolvedmichiel suspend delivery 
related to 0003558 assignedbacklog Add date for suspending email 



28-06-05 14:14


Very good idea