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0003430phplist applicationSubscriber Importpublic17-06-05 03:1308-07-05 14:50
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version2.8.12 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.9.5 
Summary0003430: False warnings always reported during import
DescriptionDuring a text file import with attribute vales provided for users (admin/?page=import2), if the Show Warnings checkbox is checked, warnings are always displayed, even for valid input files.

the warning comes from line 316 in importcsv.php: Warn("Record has more values than header indicated (". sizeof($values). "!=". (sizeof($_SESSION["import_attribute"]) + sizeof($_SESSION["system_attributes"]))
."), this may cause trouble: $index");

Even though the warnings are reported, the file seems to import fine.
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michiel (manager)
08-07-05 04:53

in order to test this, can you give me an abstract (just a few lines, and if you want the emails changed) of your import file?
stephenrs (reporter)
08-07-05 06:13

here's a clipping from a file that i recently imported, with the names all changed:

email,Agency,Big greedy company,Small energetic company,Another Firm,Last Entity

i created the "Agency" attribute before importing the list. hope this helps.
michiel (manager)
08-07-05 14:50

i tried this list on the current CVS code and it seems to be fine, even if warnings are on

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