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0003292phpList 3 applicationPlugin APIpublic04-08-10 16:20
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Summary0003292: plugin API functionality
Descriptionit would be good to move new features more towards creating plugins and give them more power over things.

Things I'd imagine plugins would want to do:

- change the thank you page
- parse and manipulate an email before sending, which includes Header Fields and Body, as well as plain text and html.

but there must be more. Anyone who has some ideas about this, please add to this list.
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04-08-10 16:20

updater   ~0051066

Another suggestion is to provide a "hook" mechanism for plugins to add extra functionality to existing pages.
For example, the messages page has an Action column and it would be useful to allow a plugin to add an action to this column so that it can provide extra functionality for a message.
I have created a plugin that duplicates the content of a message into a new message, and currently the plugin has to display all messages in a similar way to the message page in order to provide its own action.