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0002954phpList 3 applicationSubscribe Processpublic20-05-05 04:00
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Product Version2.9.4 
Summary0002954: When users unsubscribe manually they are asked to tell why although this is set: define("UNSUBSCRIBE_JUMPOFF",1);
DescriptionEven though the config is set to "jumpoff": When the users go to the "main phplist page" ( and want to unsubscribe from the newsletter, they are asked to tell why.
(This is done with the following message.: "We are sorry to find you are not any longer interested in our newsletter. To help us improve our services, we would be grateful if you could tell us why:")

I suspect this is a bug beecause I have chosen otherwise with a setting in the config.php:
# if a user should immediately be unsubscribed, when using their personal URL, instead of
# the default way, which will ask them for a reason, set this to 1
Additional Information- it works fine when users unsubscribe by clicking the link in a email - they are usubscribed without being asked to tell why.. I suspect the same should happen when they usubscribe "manually" - without users being borthered with extra questions.
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has duplicate 0015195 resolveduser4377 UNSUBSCRIBE_JUMPOFF setting not functional 



13-04-05 02:00

administrator   ~0004286

Yes, but interestingly enough, it says "when using their personal URL". This setting is meant to be from the links in the emails, because there's an issue about doing it from manual input in the unsubscribe form. When using the personal URL in the emails, there is a better verification that this user is actually who they claim they are.


13-04-05 14:55

reporter   ~0004300

Oh, sorry that I missed the lingo - I did not know that a "personal URL" referred to the URLs from emails - my bad..
- Then it's not a bug after all..
(Byt the way: Writing a reason (or leaving the field blank!) do not help to verfify the user..? If you want verification, I guess you need either a password or a confirmation URL.. It's a fine balance, since these things would be less user-friendly..)

Thanks for a GREAT script!