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0002531phpList 3 applicationTemplate Managementpublic20-05-05 04:26
Reporterpaolom Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.9.3 
Summary0002531: backslashes in db not stripped when retrieved to display
DescriptionThe problem raises when I modified the header template.
The code is saved in db field with "addslashed" and correctly "stripslashed" when editing again the code, but when I test it in the browser, the backslashes weren't removed.
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related to 0002036 closedmichiel Magic Quotes problems 



17-02-05 16:53

administrator   ~0003544

this is likely to be due to wrong magic quotes gpc or runtime settings.


20-05-05 04:26

administrator   ~0004956

ah, the category was incorrect, and this was actually a bug, but the wrong category put me on the wrong track. Anyway, it's solved in CVS