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0002483phpList 3 applicationAdmin Managementpublic03-02-09 14:50
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Product Version2.9.3 
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Summary0002483: Multiple Admins per List
DescriptionHow hard would it be to extend the admin funtionality to have multiple owners for a list. I do not really want to have any secondary list owners to be superusers which is my way forward at the moment.

Any suggestions on a quick way of adding this?

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duplicate of 0015314 new Multiple Owners Per List 



20-05-05 22:13

manager   ~0004989

Yes, that's a good one. I guess, if we were to implement it, we'd kind of make the current admins an "admin group" and then keep all the access permissions the same, but add another level of a person belonging to a group. It would need some renaming of things, but would be the quickest and least intrusive way of having multiple admins per list.


03-02-09 14:50


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