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0002471phpList 3 applicationAdmin Managementpublic18-02-05 15:56
Reportermoi Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.9.3 
Fixed in Version2.9.4 
Summary0002471: 'Owner' is not being assigned when creating new message
Description'Owner' is not being assigned when creating new message, and therefore is the permissions are set such that an admin can only send a message if he owns it, he is unable to send any messages.

Additional InformationTracked the issue down to send_core.php:
Line 32(ish).

2.9.3 Code:
if (!$_GET["id"]) {
  Sql_Query(sprintf('insert into %s (subject,status,entered,sendformat,embargo,repeatuntil)
    values("Grassroots Newsletter","draft",now(),"text and HTML",now(),now())',$GLOBALS["tables"]["message"]));
  $id = Sql_Insert_id();

My Modification:
$thisowner = $_SESSION["logindetails"]["id"];
if (!$_GET["id"]) {
  Sql_Query(sprintf('insert into %s (subject,status,entered,sendformat,embargo,repeatuntil,owner)
    values("Grassroots Newsletter","draft",now(),"text and HTML",now(),now(),%s)',$GLOBALS["tables"]["message"],$thisowner));
  $id = Sql_Insert_id();

Note, just updating the owner field at the time the message is created.
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child of 0002456 resolvedmichiel PHPList v2.9.4 release 



20-01-05 23:52

reporter   ~0003255

This looks to be fixed in the CVS.


28-01-05 04:52

manager   ~0003335

Fixed in CVS. (public_html/lists/admin/send_core.php lines 208 onwards)