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0002457phplist applicationSoftware Releasespublic14-01-05 04:5401-02-12 15:46
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version2.9.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version2.9.5 
Summary0002457: PHPList v2.9.5 release
DescriptionTasks scheduled for the forthcoming v2.9.5 release.
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parent of 0002115resolvedmichiel Would be nice to be able to set a default template in the config 
parent of 0002658resolvedDamienMcKenna Integrate TinyMCE as an alternative HTML editor 
parent of 0002660resolvedmichiel list subscription preferences lost when updating prefs using Mac OSX browsers 
parent of 0002704resolvedmichiel view bounces does not display correctly in IE 6 
parent of 0002796resolvedDamienMcKenna add TinyMCE support to editing templates 
parent of 0002694resolvedmichiel Wrong url generation 
related to 0003092resolvedmichiel Error messages not in language files 
related to 0003086resolvedmichiel make commandline work with php < 4.3.0 
related to 0003085resolvedmichiel syntax wrong 
related to 0003257resolvedmichiel Criteria are combined incorrectly 
related to 0003219resolvedmichiel Many errors with confirmation emails 
related to 0003215resolvedmichiel Custom header has escaped slashes 
related to 0003173resolvedmichiel validateEmail function in userlib.php doesn't do host validation correctly. 
related to 0003127resolvedmichiel unsubscribe not working 
related to 0002756resolvedmichiel Change notification to user missing first letter in each attribute field 
related to 0001920resolvedmichiel Blacklist cannot be disabled 
related to 0003120resolvedmichiel no Unique ID for User 
related to 0000862resolvedmichiel Tracking of click-throughs (clilcking of embedded links) 
related to 0003049resolvedmichiel Invalid Subscribe URL 
related to 0002944resolvedmichiel deleting a message 
related to 0002917resolvedmichiel MySQL 4.1+ TIMESTAMP SQL Change 
related to 0002881resolvedmichiel HTML character entity encoding replacement 
related to 0002809resolvedmichiel Sql_Affected_Rows missing explicit database link 
related to 0002786resolvedmichiel Escaped Characters in Template Output 
related to 0002685resolvedmichiel Date attribute use in Subscribe Page 
related to 0002770resolvedmichiel Add the internal ID in the list of fields exported. 
related to 0000566resolvedmichiel global subscribe page creation 
related to 0000863resolvedmichiel Reporting of USERTRACK results 
related to 0000845resolvedmichiel add a user email placeholder 
related to 0001983closed sent messages don't have correct reply-to header info 
related to 0002138resolvedmichiel Textarea attributes being set to 'varchar(255)' instead of 'text' 
related to 0001549resolvedmichiel 2.8.10: Incorrect SQL-Handling with SQL_Affected_Rows() 
related to 0002234resolveduser4402 Emails truncated 
related to 0002465resolvedmichiel userdata with checkbox group 
related to 0002299resolvedmichiel php list duplicates report 
related to 0002608resolvedmichiel update default unsubscribe message 
related to 0003371resolvedmichiel 'users.php' and 'user.php' files have not been 'internationalized' 
related to 0003327resolvedmichiel Invalid query with protected word hash on unsubscribe page 
related to 0003420resolvedmichiel multipart mails are built incorrect 
related to 0003338resolvedmichiel May as short of long name of month 
related to 0003430resolvedmichiel False warnings always reported during import 
related to 0003280resolvedmichiel Attributes with selection menus should have the option of remaining empty -- rather than be forced to default to a value. 
related to 0003487resolvedmichiel user attributes appearing when adding new user 
related to 0002949resolvedmichiel Unsubsribers on blacklist 
related to 0003568resolvedmichiel incorrect emails block finishing of sending an email 
related to 0002687resolvedmichiel Information: Sorry, I don't know how to 
related to 0003294resolvedmichiel invalid attribute index 
related to 0003543resolvedmichiel values in configure for From and reply to are not being included 
related to 0003544resolvedmichiel Can you add a 'stop sending this e-mail' option in php 
related to 0003357closedmichiel blacklisted users block sending 
related to 0000464resolvedmichiel change send class to use phpmailer 
related to 0003048resolvedmichiel Plugins Dont Work 
related to 0003428resolvedmichiel Not Saving Images? 
related to 0003588resolvedmichiel update phpmailer to latest version 
related to 0003599resolvedmichiel Wrong declaration of magic_quotes_gpc in .htaccess file 
related to 0003602resolvedmichiel If $require_login is off subscriber import with $_SESSION crashes 
related to 0003625resolvedmichiel, line 20 of 67 

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