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0002433phpList 3 applicationSubscribe Processpublic18-02-05 15:56
Reporterwebcomm Assigned To 
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Product Version2.8.12 
Summary0002433: script error in IE6
DescriptionScript error in IE6 after I made edits to the subscribe page. My edits didn't introduce any javascript. Screenshot is attached.

URL of subscribe page is
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child of 0002456 resolvedmichiel PHPList v2.9.4 release 


10-01-05 18:49


phplist_script_error.gif (84,230 bytes)   
phplist_script_error.gif (84,230 bytes)   


22-01-05 17:57

reporter   ~0003281

I classified this as minor but "major" might have been a better choice. This script error renders phplist unusable for most practical purposes as far as I'm concerned... because, like it or not, a lot of people use IE6. I mean, it's certainly possible to still use phplist if, as an admin, you're willing to force your IE6 users to click through the script error on the subscribe page... but that doesn't make for a very good first impression.
In other words, I'm hopeful that this bug will get some speedy attention, if possible. Thanks very much!


28-01-05 03:59

manager   ~0003331

Verified in IE 6 SP 1 on Windows 2000.
Also verified in Firefox v1.0.


28-01-05 04:13

manager   ~0003332

After searching through our code I cannot find the hiveware_enkoder() function anywhere in our code, either in the latest CVS, in release 2.8.12 or in release 2.9.3. Please verify that it you have not added this yourself by using Automatic Labs' Enkoder Form (


28-01-05 04:14

manager   ~0003333

An issue with the user's customizations due to use of Automatic Labs' Enkoder Form (