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0002276phpList 3 applicationHTML Email Supportpublic20-05-05 22:19
Reporterwildondallas Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version2.9.3 
Summary0002276: not receiving html view just html code
DescriptionJust had PHP List installed and configured on our server. When I go to send a test email in html format I receive it as all html code (text)? Not sure why. I made sure to double check that I marked "Format" as HTML and marked "HTML" for sending. Looks like others are having this same issue. I look forward to your response. Thanks Alex
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06-12-04 00:46

administrator   ~0002892

did you mark the content of the message to be html? You get this effect when you paste html in the message box, but tell it that it is text.


06-12-04 03:48

reporter   ~0002893

Yes, double checked that html was marked in the format and the sending of the message.


06-12-04 10:02

administrator   ~0002896

isn't this the same as #2776 ?


06-12-04 10:39

reporter   ~0002899

isn't this the same as 2776 ?
I search and couldn't find 2776. Try and send the ticket number again.


06-12-04 10:44

administrator   ~0002900

sorry, I meant #2275


06-12-04 10:58

reporter   ~0002901

I don't think so, but let me double check with a friend in the morning and I will report back on here.


06-12-04 20:01

reporter   ~0002908

Just heard from the friend that might have left a ticket also, but he says he has not left one about our issue, so I guess our ticket just shares the same problem as the other one left by someone else?


28-01-05 05:01

manager   ~0003336

Please upload an example email that it sends. Thanks.


17-02-05 17:08

administrator   ~0003547

unable to diagnose without message headers.