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0002036phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic31-10-12 12:18
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Summary0002036: Magic Quotes problems
DescriptionThere is an issue with phplist that magic_quotes_gpc needs to be on, and many issues are directly related to this. For now the simple solution of these problems is to switch magic quotes on, so this issue will be used to resolve all the open issues as "duplicates".
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has duplicate 0001650 resolvedmichiel header footer are not save in spageedit 
has duplicate 0002009 resolvedmichiel Bug in default CSS inclusion 
has duplicate 0001637 resolvedmichiel Apostrophe/backslash issue with name system messages appear to come from 
has duplicate 0001451 resolvedmichiel Magic quotes not taken into account when editing lists 
related to 0002305 resolvedmichiel basckslashes in unsubscribe mail 
related to 0002531 resolvedmichiel backslashes in db not stripped when retrieved to display 
related to 0002520 resolvedmichiel Field from configure stay empty when edited. Content does stay there. 
related to 0002726 resolvedmichiel Fatal SQL error 
related to 0002786 resolvedmichiel Escaped Characters in Template Output 



31-10-12 12:18

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closing for age. reopen if still relevant