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0020350phpList 3 applicationDocumentationpublic10-05-21 09:09
Reportermariana Assigned To 
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Product Version3.5.5-RC1 
Target Version3.6.0 
Summary0020350: Revamp the release process
DescriptionI am creating this issue to track the release process revamp.
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20-04-21 20:28

administrator   ~0063885

Yes, I'm working on this. I'm trying to use composer for this, which is a dependency tool.


08-05-21 20:37

administrator   ~0063910

Ok, this is ready for testing.

When you merge this PR:

make sure to "Squash the commits".

Once you've merged it, you can roll out a new version, by creating a new release here:

You will need to create a tag starting with "v" and then the version, ie



When you do that the package will be automatically created and put on Amazon S3.

You can then fetch it from S3, with the following command:

s3cmd get s3://phplist.versions/phplist-[VERSION].tgz ./
s3cmd get s3://phplist.versions/phplist-[VERSION].zip ./
s3cmd get s3://phplist.versions/phplist-[VERSION].md5 ./

where [VERSION] is replaced with the version you created.

At a later stage, we could change the download system and move away from Sourceforge and just use Amazon S3 instead, but for now, let's not change that part of it.


10-05-21 09:09

administrator   ~0063912

These changes are great!