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0020334phpList 3 pluginsGeneralpublic15-03-21 12:15
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Summary0020334: Can't remove email address from "List of email addresses to CC in system messages (separate by commas)"
Config/Settings, under the "reporting settings" header, has a field for "List of email addresses to CC in system messages (separate by commas)".
It appears to be meant as an optional addition to the main recipient of reports.

IIRC, this field is empty by default.

Click the edit icon, enter an email address and Save changes.
Click the edit icon again, remove the email address and Save changes.
Actual behaviour: The email address is not removed.
Expected behaviour: the email address is removed (no longer saved in the system for this purpose).
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15-02-21 07:30

developer   ~0063797

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The same problem applies to the "Who gets the reports (email address, separate multiple emails with a comma)" field.
There is a problem with the validation of "emaillist" config fields in the function SaveConfig() in file connect.php. That does not allow the field to be empty.

Pull request to fix this problem


15-03-21 12:14

administrator   ~0063844

The fix for this issue was included in version 3.6.2 that was released today.

I will mark this as resolved.

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