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0020247phpList 3 applicationCampaign Send Processpublic14-12-20 12:18
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Product Version3.5.1 
Target Version3.5.6 
Summary0020247: Placeholder Subscriber ID is replaced by Message ID
DescriptionWhen using the placeholder [id] in the URL for "Send a web page", [id] is not replaced with the subscriber's ID (as mentioned in the help context), but with the message ID.

I have traced this back to the file sendemaillib.php, line 1545.
If "Send a web page" is used, $cached[$messageid]['content'] is not the the actual content of the message, but only the URL to the web page.

Our fix is to remove the key 'id' from the array of considered placeholders of the comment out the 1545, but a proper fix for this would be welcome, so we can update phpList anytime without re-fixing this.
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14-08-20 10:02

administrator   ~0063259

Thanks for finding that. Would you mind wrapping it in a Pull Request on Github?


14-08-20 18:45

updater   ~0063261

@melino please can you clarify what the problem actually is? Do you want the placeholder [ID] to be replaced by the user id, not by the message id?


14-08-20 18:57

reporter   ~0063262

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@duncanc Yes. When you create a campaign you can select to "Send a webpage" and when you select this you can enter the URL. If you click on the ? icon in front of the URL input field, you'll see that the context help lists available placeholders, one of them is "[id] - the subscriber ID".
We call a web page with the subscriber ID as parameter to personalize the email content that is generated by this web page. But we found, that [id] is replaced by the message ID and not by the subscriber ID, so the personalization fails.
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Annotation 2020-08-14 195652.png (121,679 bytes)   


18-08-20 11:29

updater   ~0063265

@melino See


14-12-20 12:18

administrator   ~0063650

This was resolved with