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Summary0020242: CKEditor protectedSource configuration

I tried to add protected source to the "CKEditorPlugin.php" file as follows:

$settings[] = 'protectedSource: ["/<\?[\s\S]*?\?>/g", "/(?:<iframe[^>]*)(?:(?:\/>)|(?:>.*?<\/iframe>))/gi"]'; // Allow PHP code. Allow no-iframe code between tags

It doesn't seem to be working, as I see PHP code commented out in the editor after I insert it, also <iframe> tag doesn't allow nested HTML tags. What's wrong with this line?

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04-08-20 03:58

reporter   ~0063247

Any ideas?


05-08-20 03:09

reporter   ~0063248

By the way, I'm not asking you to review the syntax of the regex, but only why this configuration is not working in the editor? I think it should work in this place, I have added other configuration settings as well and they are working.


10-08-20 10:45

reporter   ~0063255

Not an issue. Syntax mistake.

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