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0020230phpList 3 applicationCampaign Send Processpublic14-12-20 12:22
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Product Version3.5.5-RC1 
Target Version3.5.6 
Summary0020230: Add Reply-To address to campaign emails
Descriptionphplist already has code to store a "reply to" email address and add it to the outgoing campaign email. But the admin user interface doesn't provide a way to enter it.

I have tried adding a "reply to" input field to the Compose tab and that seems to work correctly. A Reply-To header is included in the sent email.
Looking at the git history, it has been like this since phplist started to use git.

@michiel do you remember the background to this? Any reason why a reply to address shouldn't be used for campaign emails?
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09-07-20 20:57

administrator   ~0063207

I don't remember exactly why I decided to drop it. I do remember I initially had it planned.

The main issue for hosted is that we'd need to ensure that the Reply-To is a validated email address as well, otherwise you'd open up for abuse like "Reply-To:"

So, I think we can add it to the download version, without problems, but for the hosted version, I'd want some "list of approved addresses" management system or something. That is most likely the reason I dropped it, it seemed too convoluted to build all that.

So, if this is added with a flag, it'll be fine, and we just disable that for Hosted for the time being.


12-07-20 09:25

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14-12-20 12:21

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