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0020193phpList 3 applicationStatisticspublic15-05-20 09:44
Reporterblu-IT Assigned To 
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.5.0 
Target Version3.5.3 
Summary0020193: Statistics are *not* reset after testmail even if that option is checked

I am using latest phplist v. 3.5.3.

I sent some testmails and when doing that, I assured that

- restet click statistics
- this is a test mail

were checked before sending.

Now I really sent that mail out to all reciepients on my list (after unchecking the options mentioned above) and noticed, that the statistiscs of that mail *don't have been reset*, because the counter shows that the mail has been opend/read from my personal e-mail adress about 20 times.




29-04-20 18:48

reporter   ~0063132

Here is the screenshot. Mail was sent this evening 20:30 - but all my testviews before are also listed.


05-05-20 18:04

updater   ~0063135

You have misunderstood what those options mean.
They are used when you submit the campaign to reset any opens and clicks of test messages, and to allow you to delete the campaign when it has been sent (usually you cannot delete a 'sent' campaign)."
Normally you would check the 'reset click statistics' but not check the "test email".


09-05-20 16:08

reporter   ~0063141

Well, to be honest I still don't understand it. You say "They are used when you submit the campaign to reset any opens and clicks of test messages".

That's exactly what I did: I composed a message, tested it serveral times sending ist away and checking on different devices if everything worked and when the messages was finally sent (not marked as testmessages anymore), I expected that the views of may testmails where reset (when I marked the reset option) all the times before.
But this views that should have been reset when sending as a test message obviously where stored/not reset and now added to the really sent message on 29. April 2020 20.30.


09-05-20 17:17

updater   ~0063142

The "Reset click statistics" value is used only when the campaign starts to be sent by processing the queue. At that point any opens and clicks of the campaign, due to sending test emails, are discarded.
Up until then the check box value no effect. You should check the check box then leave it alone.


09-05-20 18:34

reporter   ~0063143

Oh, wow - thanks!

OK, now I have understood the way this function is intended. Maybe a better explanation of that function would be less confusing, but maybe I'am the only one with this confusion?! ;-)

Thanks again!


15-05-20 09:44

administrator   ~0063159

Sorry about the spam. Deleted