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0020189phpList 3 applicationCampaign Send Processpublic28-04-20 08:08
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Product Version3.4.8-RC1 
Target Version3.5.0 
Summary0020189: Request to change the List selection when sending a message
DescriptionRelated to #20184

I find the way the lists are displayed in the campaign structure very confusing, because the lists (step 4 of 5) are displayed in 2 tabs; "@" (all?) and "selected".

When you then select a list from the "@" tab and click the save button, that list is no longer displayed in the "@" tab, only in the "selected" tab - which makes sense if you intuitively know what these 2 lists are, but not if you assume (as I did) that the "@" tab represents all the lists. Because it actgually reprsents all the lists EXCEPT for the lists you have already chosen. From a quick glance it just looks like I am missing some lists.

Within the "@" tab there is also an "all lists" checkbox - which doesn't represent all lists, but all lists from the unselected lists - and within the "selected" tab there is an "unselect all" checkbox. This just adds to confusion.

The two tabs are unecessary, and adds a slight confusion to something that should be very straight-forward. One would assume if there was any need for separate tabs at all it would be to separate the "public" and "private" lists, but these are represented in a different way (as text next to the list title).

My suggestion would be to remove the "selected" and "@" tab and simply display a global list. Or if you are worried about the size of the list, just separate the lists in to public and private. I don't see any benefit in creating a "selected" anxd an "@" tab. It only forces the user to second-guess what they are doing.
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