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0020112phpList 3 applicationInterface - Editorpublic29-04-20 16:14
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Product Version3.4.8 
Target Version3.4.9Fixed in Version3.5.0 
Summary0020112: CKeditor menus extend the full width of window with Trevelin theme
DescriptionWhen editing a message or template using the ckeditor plugin the drop-down menu for Styles, Fonts etc extend the full width of the page, see screenshot. This is with the Trevelin theme. When using Dressprow the menus are displayed correctly.

This behaviour seems to have always been in Trevelin but no-one raised it as a problem until recently, see

The cause of the wide menu is a css style in phplist-ui-bootlist/css/style.css

.cke{width:100% !important}

After removing that style the menus are displayed correctly. I guess that the style was added to make the editor fill the window instead of being the default 600px wide, which looks clumsy with Trevelin but looks fine with Dressprow. The issue should have been raised against the ckeditor plugin instead.
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15-11-19 13:56


trevelin.png (24,137 bytes)   
trevelin.png (24,137 bytes)   
dressprow.png (38,093 bytes)   
dressprow.png (38,093 bytes)   


15-11-19 14:08


trevelin 600 width.png (82,047 bytes)   
trevelin 600 width.png (82,047 bytes)   


16-11-19 11:40

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I have made a change to the ckeditor plugin to work-around this by setting the width to auto. That rule takes priority over that in style.css. The drop-down menus are now displayed correct width, and the editor fits in the available space with both Trevelin and Dressprow.

A permanent fix is to either remove the rule and let the plugin control the width, or change the width to auto instead of 100%.


08-01-20 13:11

reporter   ~0062937


08-01-20 14:45

updater   ~0062938

Shouldn't the less file be changed instead, and the css regenerated?


08-01-20 15:21

reporter   ~0062939

@duncanc yes, you are right. Thanks for pointing it out. I have reverted the original commit and modified the less file now.


02-02-20 12:11

updater   ~0062971

I think this issue can now be closed.