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0020104phpList 3 applicationEmailpublic25-10-19 10:57
ReporterFD Assigned To 
PriorityurgentSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.3.9 
Target Version3.4.5-RC1 
Summary0020104: Random spacing in emails
DescriptionWhen sending campaigns, random spacing is added to the email when it's received.

For example;
"We are now halfway through the semester a nd as such I am running out of cool ways to start the weekly emails... rega rdless,"

Text is plain text written into phplist, and no templates are being used. The follow versions are being used;
PHP 7.0 CGI (7.0.31)
PHPList 3.3.9

This is happening on all outbound campaigns for about two months.
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24-10-19 11:44

updater   ~0062798

What is the email client that shows the problem? Some versions of Outlook have this sort of problem.

Can you view the source of the received email then copy/paste it or preferably put it in an attachment.


24-10-19 12:36

reporter   ~0062799

The clients i've tested this on are Gmail , Outlook web and outlook desktop

I've attached both the source of the email and a screenshot of the version in gmail with breaks highlighted. Looking directly at the source it seems to be where a word cross to the new line, i'm wondering is this an issue to the justify? It worth noting it's also occurring to the unsubscribe text.
Email_gmail.PNG (82,714 bytes)   
Email_gmail.PNG (82,714 bytes)   


24-10-19 14:53

updater   ~0062800

Looks as if an extra new line is being added but I don't see why. You can try changing the encoding in config.php to see whether that has an effect



24-10-19 15:29

updater   ~0062801

In config.php how are emails being sent? What is the value for this define

define('PHPMAILERHOST', '');


24-10-19 15:34

reporter   ~0062802

I tried both the encodings and it made no difference,

The PHPMAILERHOST is blank, so PHP mail() I assume


25-10-19 06:41

updater   ~0062803

Can you show the source of the email sent with base64 encoding?
How are you composing the email, using the phplist editor or copy/pasting raw html or text?

If this was working previously and you have not upgraded phplist then maybe something in the hosting account changed. You could raise the problem with the hosting company.


25-10-19 10:23

reporter   ~0062804

How would I base64 decode it?

It's on a shared hosting provider yes, so I suspect it's possibly an issue on their side.


25-10-19 10:57

updater   ~0062805

What I would like to see is the source of the email received in gmail. You don't need to decode it. You said that that the encoding made no difference which puzzled me.