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0019999phpList 3 applicationAutomatic updaterpublic05-01-21 11:57
Reportergrindlay Assigned To 
PrioritylowSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.4.2 
Summary0019999: Updater problem persists when file permission set to the account owner
on Cpanel/WHM servers, files are often owned by the account user e.g. user:user
The 644 file and 755 dir permissions are the same.
ON my server, this is causing an error when the updater checks, presumably in the checkWritePermissions() function on line 142 of /updater/index.php
I can't understand why but is there any code I can add to debug ?



26-06-19 15:52


Capture.PNG (19,242 bytes)   
Capture.PNG (19,242 bytes)   


26-06-19 15:58

reporter   ~0062504

Should have said, the server uses PHP-FPM, the replacement for suPHP and suEXEC


01-07-19 10:12

manager   ~0062521

@grindlay "I can't understand why but is there any code I can add to debug ?" -- yes you can check to see what checkWritePermissions() is returning (if it passes or fails), and also check what actual permissions are reported using e.g. fileperms(). I'm confused by your report as PHP-FPM is not a replacement for suPHP or suEXEC as far as I am aware; they are different things with different purposes.


10-07-19 17:57

reporter   ~0062553

As you can see from the screen shot, checkWritePermissions() is returning something, I'm just not sure what - I'll try to add some debug code.
PHP-FPM is an alternative Apache PHP handler to suPHP with better performance and security.


04-01-21 20:00

reporter   ~0063674

Looks to be fixed in v3.5.9


05-01-21 11:55

administrator   ~0063675

Thanks @mariana can you process that?


05-01-21 11:57

administrator   ~0063676

Since this is fixed, I will mark this issue as resolved.