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0019995phpList 3 applicationTheme - Trevelinpublic19-07-19 14:42
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Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.4.2 
Target Version3.4.4Fixed in Version3.4.4 
Summary0019995: Prototype of the navigation menu/sub-menus on Travelin theme
DescriptionHere is the prototype of the menu/sub-menu navigation on Travelin theme:

(for the sake of the demonstration, Dashboard and Subscribers page are working only)

And here is how it works: When the user hovers a main menu item, the sub-menu expands in the right side, this way the user navigates through with only one click.
When the user hovers a sub-menu item the text of the the sub-menu turns the color in to orange #FF9966 (Adobe XD currently doesn't supports a hover state).
When the user clicks a sub-menu item, the sub-menu expands underneath the main menu and the desired page loads in the right side (active sub-menu item, text color turns in to white).
When an item of the sub-menu is active the hover state of the parent is inactive. All the other main menu items can hover.
All main menu items (that have a sub-menu), can't be directly clicked, only hovered, this way preventing to prioritize one sub-menu item over another when clicked.
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related to 0019858 resolvedrudolf Research: Make navigation sub-menus expand on hover for desktop users only 



24-06-19 10:15

manager   ~0062469

@rudolf the contrast of the horizontal sub menu items is low and not easy to read (light grey on dark grey). Could you find a way to increase it?


24-06-19 10:40

reporter   ~0062470

@samtuke, I increased the contrast of the inactive menus. The hover menu is supposed to change color to orange. Here is an attach of the preview with hover effect:
Subscribers.png (24,381 bytes)   
Subscribers.png (24,381 bytes)   


24-06-19 11:03

manager   ~0062471

@rudolf Seems like it's hard to make the hover effects work in XD?


24-06-19 12:21

reporter   ~0062479

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@samtuke, hover effect is not currently supported by Adobe XD.


24-06-19 12:49

manager   ~0062480

Thanks, this looks resolved to me then. The prototype is ready for whoever wishes to implement the menu improvement outlined in 0019858