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0019926phpList 3 applicationConfigurationpublic09-10-19 10:31
Reporterveltsu Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.4.0 
Summary0019926: Subscribe page is always set to active after changes
DescriptionI have two subscribe pages: one default and active for "normal" subscribing. The second one is for Ajax. It is not active. Whenever I change the Ajax subscribe page settings and save the changes, it's set to active. So, I have to remember to untick the "Active" checkbox every time.

I don't want to show the Ajax subscribe page, because I have "Don't display email address confirmation field" selected.
Steps To ReproduceChange the settings of an inactive subsribe page.
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09-10-19 10:31

reporter   ~0062754

The bug still exists in 3.4.7-RC1