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0019884phpList 3 applicationEmailpublic26-06-19 11:01
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PlatformLinuxOSFedoraOS Version26
Product Version3.4.0 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0019884: Visually design a new default template for transactional messages to subscribers
DescriptionphpList sends various emails to subscribers including the following:

- Confirm your email address
- Welcome to our newsletter
- Unsubscribe notification
- Preferences link
- Preferences updated notification

Design a new template for these messages.
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16-04-19 12:21

administrator   ~0062091

Two example emails, 'Confirm your email address', and 'Welcome to our newsletter' attached as HTML, taken from email html.

newsletter-signup-confirmation.html (1,750 bytes)
welcome-to-our-newsletter.html (1,573 bytes)


12-06-19 11:22

administrator   ~0062370

Hi @samtuke, all illustrations for the templates are designed. The layout is also done for two given HTML emails above.

The designs can be viewed here:


12-06-19 11:32

administrator   ~0062371

@rudolf Very good. Looks like there are 3 more in this series to put into templats?


12-06-19 11:41

administrator   ~0062372

@samtuke, yes, there is the content to be created and the layout design from that point doesn't take much time.


12-06-19 11:44

administrator   ~0062373

@rudolf Do you need new or updated content for those, or do you have what you need? Maybe the (text) content should be replaced / updated anyway.


13-06-19 10:42

administrator   ~0062382

Last edited: 13-06-19 10:43

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@samtuke, What I need is the 'Preferences updated' and the 'Unsubscribe Notification' content. Updated content would be much appreciated!


24-06-19 16:26

administrator   ~0062485

Here are screenshots of the existing preferences link, and preferences confirmation emails

Selection_583.png (39,715 bytes)
Selection_583.png (39,715 bytes)
Selection_582.png (51,441 bytes)
Selection_582.png (51,441 bytes)


24-06-19 16:38

administrator   ~0062486

Last edited: 25-06-19 11:45

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'Preferences updated' email copy:

Subject: Your email subscription preferences have been updated

Title: Preferences updated

Your preferences have been updated for receiving emails on the following subjects:

* phpList announcements

Here are the details of your subscription preferences:

Email address : [EMAIL]

You can update this information at any time via your preferences page[link].


24-06-19 16:48

administrator   ~0062487

Last edited: 25-06-19 11:46

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'Preferences link' new copy:

Subject: Update your email subscription preferences

Title: Email preferences

Your preferences page[LINK] allows you to update your preferences[LINK] relating to the emails you receive from us, including your email address. This is a private page personalised for you, so it's best not to share it. You are receiving this email becuase this link was requested from your account.


24-06-19 16:56

administrator   ~0062488

Unsubscribe notification screenshot

Selection_584.png (48,199 bytes)
Selection_584.png (48,199 bytes)


24-06-19 17:04

administrator   ~0062489

Last edited: 25-06-19 11:47

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'Unsubscribe notification' new copy:

Subject: You have been unsubscribed from further emails

Title: Subscription cancelled

You have been removed from all future email communications from us. If you were subscribed to multiple different email subjects then you have been removed from all of them.

To start receiving one or more of our communications again you must sign up once more.


24-06-19 17:36

administrator   ~0062490

Last edited: 25-06-19 10:16

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@rudolf the same illustration can be used for both the prefs link and prefs updated emails. It is possible we will disable the prefs updated message by default soon due to user feedback.


26-06-19 11:01

administrator   ~0062500

Templates updated.