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0019884phpList 3 applicationEmailpublic13-06-19 10:43
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PlatformLinuxOSFedoraOS Version26
Product Version3.4.0 
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Summary0019884: Visually design a new default template for transactional messages to subscribers
DescriptionphpList sends various emails to subscribers including the following:

- Confirm your email address
- Welcome to our newsletter
- Unsubscribe notification
- Preferences link
- Preferences updated notification

Design a new template for these messages.
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16-04-19 12:21

administrator   ~0062091

Two example emails, 'Confirm your email address', and 'Welcome to our newsletter' attached as HTML, taken from email html.

newsletter-signup-confirmation.html (1,750 bytes)
welcome-to-our-newsletter.html (1,573 bytes)


12-06-19 11:22

administrator   ~0062370

Hi @samtuke, all illustrations for the templates are designed. The layout is also done for two given HTML emails above.

The designs can be viewed here:


12-06-19 11:32

administrator   ~0062371

@rudolf Very good. Looks like there are 3 more in this series to put into templats?


12-06-19 11:41

administrator   ~0062372

@samtuke, yes, there is the content to be created and the layout design from that point doesn't take much time.


12-06-19 11:44

administrator   ~0062373

@rudolf Do you need new or updated content for those, or do you have what you need? Maybe the (text) content should be replaced / updated anyway.


13-06-19 10:42

administrator   ~0062382

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@samtuke, What I need is the 'Preferences updated' and the 'Unsubscribe Notification' content. Updated content would be much appreciated!