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0019881phpList 3 applicationEmailpublic28-05-19 13:58
Reporterutagawa Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.4.0 
Summary0019881: email header
DescriptionPlease have a look at, the proposed mod is offering some alternate message envelope tags.

Would be intersting to be considered by the phplist dev team.
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24-04-19 20:22

administrator   ~0062132

Yes, that can be considered, but the way to do this is:

* git clone the repository
* create a branch for each of your changes
* send a Pull Request to get the changes reviewed by the team.


28-05-19 13:34

reporter   ~0062257

Hi, I have cloned the last master branch and locally created the branch, however I cannot push the new branch to Github for requesting a pull request (no permissions) . What do I miss ?


28-05-19 13:58

manager   ~0062258

@utagawa Try this:

Go to the phpList 3 repo on GitHub (
Click on 'Fork' top right
Follow the steps to make a new copy of the repo under your own account in GitHub
Visit the homepage of your new fork on GitHub (something like
Click 'Clone or download' green button, then 'Use SSH' link, then copy the url (it should start with
Go back to the command line and 'cd' into the repository folder you already have on your local machine
git remote add fork [paste the url starting here]
git push fork/master
Then go back to the homepage of your fork from earlier and you should see a big button asking if you want to make a new merge request
Make a new merge request, and you're done. Someone will review your PR soon after.

What these steps do is:
Copy the main phpList 3 repo to your own copy on GitHub
Push your local changes to your forked copy
Create a new pull request for merging your changes (now in your forked copy on GitHub) into phpList 3 original master branch.