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0019838phpList 3 applicationAutomatic updaterpublic08-04-19 10:34
Reporterduncanc Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.4.0 
Summary0019838: phplist fails when php does not include curl
DescriptionThe functionality to check for a new release assumes that php includes the curl extension.
Now, 3 days after upgrading to 3.4.0, an installation is failing on every page because of the check for a new release.

Elsewhere in phplist there are tests for curl being available then, if it is not available, then the functionality is suppressed in some way

e.g. when checking for new translations

I made a similar comment that curl is not mandatory when the updater was first released
so this should already be known.
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22-03-19 08:49



24-03-19 17:57

administrator   ~0062028

@xheni @samtuke any location fetching data from a remote server should use the "fetchUrl" function:

This (a) caches things, and (b) determines if curl is available and use other options when not.

Actually, fetchUrl can do with a review, and possibly the addition of simply fetching with "file_get_contents" which now happily fetches URLs as well.


25-03-19 10:19

developer   ~0062031

When I updated PHP to PHP 7.3, I got a blank page because the SimpleXML module was missing, therefore I created this issue:
curl is in system requirements of phpList:
The check for required PHP modules in updater is already done and I can do so for phpList3 as well, for every required PHP module.