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0019783phpList 3 applicationSite widepublic22-02-19 09:19
Reporterblu-IT Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version3.3.8 
Summary0019783: Implement & show imprint and legal notice in a footer

I noticed that phpList has no possibilty to show an imprint and legal notice (side wide).
I surely can edit the php-sites/code to implement a footer with that, but with the next update these modifications will be gone.

So I would like to have two fields that I can configure in the admin backend for imprint and legal notice (like privacy notice), where the information/text maybe is stored in the mysql-db or the config.php.


Tagsdefaultconfig, gdpr



22-02-19 09:19

reporter   ~0061921

Just to clearify my feature wish: I am not talking about a footer in a campaign/e-mail, I am talking about a footer for the whole phpList installation.