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0019767phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic15-02-19 08:55
Reporterxheni Assigned To 
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Summary0019767: Fatal error: Your phpList version is older than two years
DescriptionReported by v3.3.1 users:
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14-02-19 21:59

administrator   ~0061897


14-02-19 22:01

administrator   ~0061898

I think asking to upgrade once every two years is not too much. The main reason to keep this check in is to avoid abandoned installations polluting the internet.


15-02-19 08:05

updater   ~0061899

So far as I can see release 3.3.1 is the last release that actually defined the RELEASEDATE constant in init.php. Now the age check isn't now being done because the constant isn't defined.

 Presumably there was a build step that inserts that line, which now isn't being run.


15-02-19 08:55

manager   ~0061900

@duncanc That's right.

The release date could be taken from the download server (automatic updates) or reinserted into the build process.

It would be good if an automated warning about old releases expiring could be generated, so that admins are warned at least one month in advance.

As for how the fatal error: more information and links in the error, as a minimum, would be an improvement.