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0019765phpList 3 applicationStatisticspublic10-12-20 08:16
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Product Version3.3.8 
Summary0019765: Percentage calculation in statitics overview differ

I send a campaign to a total of 501 addresses. After two days I have 188 views for that message.
On the dashboard it tells me 188 views (37%), but in my statistic overview it says 188 views (43,22 %).
Seems that the module here is calculating (for the whole output in the statistics section) with different values:
Here it sorts out the bounces (66) -> (501 - 66) = 435 and uses the value 435 as "total" for the calculation of the percentage.

That is a bit confusing... is it a wanted behavior of the system?





duplicate of 0019976 resolvedmariana Open Rate and bounce rate calculated differently in campaign results in dashboard and stats overview 



09-12-20 10:57

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Hello blu-IT your question is fixed?


09-12-20 13:03

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I am not sure - this issue is now almost 2 years old. I have not recieved any update on this.
I will try with an recent phpList version an report.



09-12-20 14:20

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I checked this issue again with phpList V. 3.8.8 and the output is still confusing:

On the Dashboard I can see the statistics for the last sent message:
Sent to 141 recipients and viewed by 72 recipients (53,33%) and 6 bounced (4,26%).

This information is identical when I go to Statistics -> Statistics overview.
BUT when I go to Statistics -> Show opened messages, the percentage is calculated differently:
The system tells me now that 72 of 141 recipients is 51,06 % - what indeed is the CORRECT calculation.
This means that the output claculation on the Dashboard and Statistics overview is WRONG:


09-12-20 17:12

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The original problem of the Last Campaign widget being different to the Statistics Overview was fixed . The solution was to use the approach in Statistics Overview ( total sent - bounces) because the Statistics Overview page has been in place for much longer than the Last Campaign widget.

Also see the Mantis issue that caused the pull request