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0019751phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic19-07-19 15:42
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Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.3.9-RC1 
Target Version3.3.9Fixed in Version3.3.9 
Summary0019751: vcard placeholder is not replaced in a text-format message
DescriptionThe new vcard functionality does not replace the [CONTACT] placeholder in text-format emails, replaced only in html-format emails.
I'm not sure why that should be. Now a text format email is received similar to this


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06-02-19 13:04

developer   ~0061831

@duncan, it works for html format only, the placeholder for text format is in to do list here:


07-02-19 09:55

updater   ~0061838

Thanks for the explanation. I can see that adding support for the logo can be added later, but at present without text format support and possible problems with escaping then it appears to be incomplete.

Maybe those should be added before this is made public?

The link text "add us to your addressbook" should be "Add us to your address book" and should be made configurable similar to other texts held in the front-end language files, e.g.
    $strUnsubscribeInfo = 'Unsubscribe from our newsletters';

This allows the text to be translated which I think is necessary too.


07-02-19 10:07

updater   ~0061840

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Looking at the code of the pull request I can see that the link text uses s(), so that it can be translated. But that does not easily allow someone to actually change the text to something slightly different. The way that is currently done is through the front-end language files, which allow translations and customisation of the text too.

So someone can change
$strUnsubscribeInfo = 'Unsubscribe from our newsletters';
$strUnsubscribeInfo = 'Unsubscribe from our emails';
if they do not use the word "newsletter" to describe what is sent out


07-02-19 15:04

developer   ~0061841

@duncanc thanks for the feedback. Added the text placeholder and made language changes here:
I would appreciate it if you could test it :)


08-02-19 09:41

updater   ~0061846

Just tested the latest change, now the placeholder is replaced in a text-format message.


08-02-19 12:38

developer   ~0061850

Thanks @duncanc