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0019731phpList 3 applicationBounce Managementpublic04-04-21 10:43
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Product Version3.3.8 
Summary0019731: Bounced system messages to non subscribers shown as unknown
DescriptionOn "Processed Bounces" page bounced system messages sent to email addresses defined on the settings page will show " Subscriber > Unknown" when that email is subscribed on the system.

Based on this PR that shows bounces of system messages on the subscribers profile: , I think it makes sense that those emails are automatically added as subscribers.

@samtuke thoughts?

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10-02-19 17:01

administrator   ~0061862

I disagree that subscribers should be automatically added when a bounce arrives with their email. However, I think this is a different issue.

I found one where the "unknown - unknown" applied, but that was marked as a "Duplicate bounce". So, something is not entirely right when a duplicate bounce is detected.


02-04-21 18:31

updater   ~0063874

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Resurrecting this old issue in order to agree on how duplicate bounces should be displayed on the bounces page.

Currently a duplicate bounce is displayed on the Processed tab but with "Unknown" in the Campaign and Subscriber columns, see screenshot. Another screenshot shows the content of the status and comment fields on the bounce table.

The code for that page recognises specific content in the status and comment fields, to extract the message or subscriber, and displays Unknown for any other value.

Maybe display the comment value directly when it is not one of the recognised ones instead of "Unknown".

I think that it is more useful to indicate that the bounce is a duplicate, and not extract the subscriber and message values to display it similarly to a non-duplicate bounce.
duplicate bounce.png (12,416 bytes)   
duplicate bounce.png (12,416 bytes)   
bounce table fields.png (8,385 bytes)   
bounce table fields.png (8,385 bytes)   


04-04-21 10:43

updater   ~0063876

Pull request to try to address this.