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0019584phpList 3 applicationGeneralpublic30-11-18 08:18
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Summary0019584: Mantis "My View" giving error
DescriptionSince yesterday I have been getting an error when trying to access My View referring to project 57.

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27-11-18 12:41



27-11-18 19:58

administrator   ~0061478

Erion, can you check what causes that?


28-11-18 09:46

updater   ~0061482

I just received an email saying
Your account has been updated by an administrator. A list of these changes is
provided below. You can update your account details and preferences at any time
by visiting the following URL:

Access Level reporter => developer

but the error still happens

Project "57" not found.

Even in an anonymous browser window. If I go to then that is redirected to which gives the error.


28-11-18 11:50

viewer   ~0061484

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Hi @duncanc , I changed your role for a couple of seconds to check if the error was caused by a role restriction. I'm still working to find the cause and solve this. Sorry for the disruption.


29-11-18 21:49

administrator   ~0061495

@erion, the simplest solution is probably to create a dummy project in the DB with index 57. Looks like some DB references have gone stale.


30-11-18 08:17

viewer   ~0061499

Creating the dummy project with the index 57 has resolved it @Michiel